Development of solutions for MODX, consulting and professional technical support for business.

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Technical support for your websites

If you already have a site on MODX, but from time to time it needs to be modified, supported and upgraded, then we have several convenient tariffs to choose from.

Development of solutions for MODX Revolution and on its basis

Creation of own solutions for MODX, support and development of existing components, creation of extras for MODX Revolution by customer requests.


Individual professional consultations and audit of site built on MODX

Assistance in the selection of CMS for the project, advices for the team about working with MODX, recommendations how to set of the workflow, technical audit of sites on MODX.


Education and training

Short video lessons about working with MODX and developing extras, sites on MODX Revolution. Also, reviews of new versions of MODX, reviews of extras and solutions to problems.

Store of solutions

Online store of ready-made solutions: add-ons, assemblies, themes, ready-made sites and much more.

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Important! Alroniks Experts is not a full-cycle agency and we can not offer site creation services from zero. We do not draw design and do not do SEO promotion. We do only what we can do well – programming.